District 18 Lodges
Woodland-Kalama No. 17, 1st Tuesday
Castle Rock No. 62, 3rd Monday
Kelso No. 94, 2nd & 4th Tuesday
Occident No. 99, 1st Thursday
Longview No. 263, 1st & 3rd Thursday

District 17 Lodges
Grays Harbor No. 52 (Hoquiam), 2nd & 4th Tuesdays,
Wynooche No. 43 (Montesano), 3rd Monday
Little Falls No. 176, 4th Friday

Nearby Oregon Lodges
(all meet at 7:30 p.m.)
Evergreen No. 137 (Seaside) 1st Tuesday
Gateway No. 175 (Warrenton) 1st Wednesday
Seaport #7 (Astoria) 2nd Wednesday

From the West

February is traditionally the month that gives its name to the “blahs.” Instead, I feel reinvigorated by working with other lodges to help organize their book collections and traveling for degrees and meetings. Also, I am looking forward to learning more about the running of a lodge at the Chehalis training session Feb. 10.
Brothers have highlighted differences between Washington and Oregon work and occasionally express frustrations that we cannot always directly cross over, especially with lectures, charges and other parts. One difference in the first-degree charge is that in Washington we invite the blessing of deity on all our laudable undertakings; in Oregon, it is all their lawful undertakings. I may be the only person who finds this amusing.
When I researched the issue, I learned that these F&AM and Ancient differences are because my English forefathers were busy bickering over how many degrees there should be, and
the “correct” way to do things, between 1717 and 1813. During that time, both Modern and "Antient" work crossed the Atlantic, spreading two Masonic traditions westward across this nation.

Br Patrick Webb Senior Warden

If you do not currently receive the Trestleboard by email and would like to, please send your request to Secretary – Br. Glenn Ripley - gripley@myspclstitches.com or myself Br. Ron Robbins – robbnsrh@aol.com. Sending by email saves the Lodge postage expense.

Valentine’s Day
Sweetheart’s Lunch
Pan-seared filet mignon with a fantastic cream sauce becomes “Steak Diane,” served with baked potatoes,
toppings and Frenched green beans with almonds. Dessert will be a red velvet & white cake.
Wednesday Lunches
(all include a dessert)
January 31st lunch will feature sandwiches with that high-quality eye of- round pastrami that is tender, lowfat
and very tasty. We will have dual cole slaws, one creamy dill-Ranch, and the other, pickled Asian-style.
February 7th -- Fried-chicken tenders on sourdough baguettes with Kettle chips.
February 14th-- Sweetheart’s Lunch– Steak Diane
February 21st – Big Mike’s Bacon Cheeseburgers and French-fried potatoes.
February 28th – Sliced turkey and Swiss, tomato-basil bisque.

Free Lunch Raffle

Due to the generosity of a Brother Mason, $100 was donated to kick-off a promotion for our weekly get-togethers. Each month a name will be randomly drawn, and that member will receive a
free lunch. All they need do is show up for one or our Wednesday luncheons and collect. The offer is good for one
year so if you are a “Snow Bird” or are out of town for any number of reason you will have time to collect your prize.
February’s lucky Mason is Brother Aris Kotek from Longbeach
Washington. Congratulation Brother Kotek and we know we will see you at lunch soon..

From the East


In keeping with the meeting agendas established by Ron last year, February will be our “original apron night” so you are asked to wear your original white leather apron for the evening.
Following up on the excellent and very informative bio given by Dobby Wiegardt last month I have asked Walter Twidwell to give us a short bio on himself and his exemplary Masonic career for our February stated.
In February we will be having our Sweethearts and Widows luncheon on Valentine’s Day that is the 14th at noon in the lodge cafeteria. Mike Carmel is planning a spectacular lunch so hope you all can attend and bring your Sweethearts. Several Widows have made arrangements to be picked up and escorted.
We have several candidates being coached and a new petition to read so look for some potential degree work in February. We would like to set some time aside for a practice session prior to the degree work.
I am excited about the level of activity in the lodge and look forward to seeing you all at our stated.
Mike Thornton Worshipful Master

2018 Committees

Occident Lodge No. 48 F & A.M.
of the
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington

Bikes 4 Books (Meets 2nd Wednesday
January thru May at 11:00 am just before
lunch and as necessary after that date,
works with budget committee)
Chairman - Dick Rodlun
Members – Walt Twidwell, Ed Cox, Jim
Citizenship Awards (Meets as necessary
starting in March and works with budget
Chairman - Mike Carmel
Members – Ron Robbins
Scholarship Awards (Meets as necessary
and works with budget committee)
Chairman – Mike Carmel
Treasurer – Art Herring
Member – Dick Rodlun
Long Term Planning Committee (Meets in
January of each year until plan is ready
to present to Lodge and works with
budget committee)
Chairman – Dick Rodlun
Members – Ron Robbins, Michael Carmel,
Mike Thornton, Patrick Webb
By Laws Committee (Meets in January of
each year until by laws are
edited/confirmed complete and ready to
present to Lodge)
Chairman – Patrick Webb
Members - Mike Carmel, Ron RobbinsType your paragraph here.

For the Good of Masonry

Message from Grand Lodge Public Relations Committee
Chairman WB Roger Nelson is largely responsible for the superb tv spots featuring interviews with more than 100 Washington Masons. The results have been very positive and set a new standard for the way in which we tell our story to the public.

Budget Committee
(Meets 1st Wednesday of each month at
11:00 am just before lunch and receives
input from Temple Board, Bikes 4 Books,
Citizenship Award, Scholarship, and Long
Term Planning Committees. Proposed
budget due on or before February
Stated Meeting)
Chairman – VWB Sherman Richmond
Members - Mike Carmel, Patrick Webb,
Ron Robbins, Mike Thornton, James
Finance Committee (Meets 2nd
Wednesday of each month at 11:00 am
just before lunch, presents financial
synopsis at each stated meeting)
Chairman – Senior Warden
Members – Junior Warden, Secretary
IAW Article IV, By Laws Occident Lodge
48 The SW, JW and Secretary shall
compose the Finance committee
Audit Committee (WMC Sec 14.14 BL)
(Meets 3rd Wednesday of January at
11:00 am just before lunch and as
necessary until audit is complete)
Chairman – Sherman Richmond
Members – Ron Robbins, Art Herring,
Glenn Ripley
Temple Board (Meets at 7:00 1st
Thursday of each month just after dinner)
Chair: Dick Rodlun
Secretary: Patrick Webb
Treasurer: Les Moore
Trustees: Mike Thornton, James Houlton,
Milton Parham, Ed Cox.
Interested Party - Worthy Matron Donna