From The Secretary

Welcome to our new Master Mason BR Beau Morrow! Also, working through the degrees are brothers Greg Davis, Mitchel Mortenson, Jared Mortenson, Marshall Shanks, James Cox and Ian Norelius.
Have you signed up for the new Grand Lodge Member Portal? When you do, please note that the email-address/user-name is case-sensitive as is the password.We really need your correct contact information. An email address allows the lodge to send timely information that would otherwise wait for the next Trestleboard and saves postage. We can only send two letters per dollar under the current postal rates. Re-sending letters to a forward address doubles the cost.
Dues statements are being sent out and new plastic membership cards should be available by the middle of December, so you won't need the old one from 2016 once you get the new one. Dues, Assessment and donation checks should be made payable to Occident Lodge #48 and not to the Lodge Secretary.
You may notice on your statement that the lodge voted to assess every member a $45 fee to help the lodge with repairs to the lodge building. This fee was designed to cover only a portion of the actual repair costs so as to lessen the immediate impact on membership. Members requiring relief from this assessment may obtain a remittal by personal request to the Worshipful Master.
We gather at the lodge for lunch on Wednesdays for fellowship and great meals. RSVP’s are expected. See the current Trestleboard for weekly menus and details. If you need a ride to lunch or a lodge meeting, please contact us.
Please note that five brothers of our lodge have completed the designs laid down upon Life’s Trestle in the last twelve months: VWB Norman Richard Grier, BR Jim Hall, WB Roger Elliot Davis, BR Richard Gale Evans and BR Donald James Lusk. May our missing brothers continue to serve the Great Architect and provide excellent inspiration to us on our journey. If you have heard of other brothers who have passed, or Ladies who need assistance, please contact the Lodge.
Br Glenn Ripley Secretary

District 18 Lodges
Woodland-Kalama No. 17, 1st Tuesday
Castle Rock No. 62, 3rd Monday
Kelso No. 94, 2nd & 4th Tuesday
Occident No. 99, 1st Thursday
Longview No. 263, 1st & 3rd Thursday

District 17 Lodges
Grays Harbor No. 52 (Hoquiam), 2nd & 4th Tuesdays,
Wynooche No. 43 (Montesano), 3rd Monday
Little Falls No. 176, 4th Friday

Nearby Oregon Lodges
(all meet at 7:30 p.m.)
Evergreen No. 137 (Seaside) 1st Tuesday
Gateway No. 175 (Warrenton) 1st Wednesday
Seaport #7 (Astoria) 2nd Wednesday

From the West

Firstly, I would like to thank brothers in Occident 48 for electing me senior warden. The lump in my throat during installation Nov. 30 reflects the significant responsibility I am taking on. I will work to execute the duties to the best of my ability and I thank lodge members for their trust. I wish Mike Thornton great success in the east and hope that I will prove to be an able deputy.
For the past couple of years, I have enjoyed my new project, disposing of the extra Masonic books and regalia that were surplus after the merger with Gavel 48. In some cases, this meant keeping the better-quality Raymond library items and disposing of more worn duplicates from Ilwaco. I am delighted to announce that last month the total net proceeds from these activities surpassed $3,000. Our most recent past masters Ed Cox and Ron Robbins have been especially supportive of this effort.
News of the success of this venture has spread to neighboring lodges, many of which are looking to downsize or consolidate their historic book collections. I am delighted to announce that Grays Harbor 52 has presented our lodge with some copies of the Masonic Service Association’s classic 1924 series on Freemasonry. These are the small blue hardback books currently on the top shelf of our small library in the dining room. We now have the complete set of 20, some of which are very rare. The blokes in Hoquiam always offer a splendid welcome when we travel there. Like us, they are making a concerted effort to bring in younger members to preserve the craft.
I would like to reinforce an earlier appeal for Masons to donate any surplus books from their homes, and especially to make it known to their families that when the time comes books and other items may be given to the lodge if they have no surviving Masons in their family who would like to receive them. I have donated a few this year, and Jim Mack has already shared his impressive collection, which comes in part through his membership of the Scottish Rite Research Society. These include some fascinating works penned during the last 20 years by Arturo de Hoyos and others about Albert Pike, Anti-Masons and a couple about how rites arrived in this country (some from France, by way of the Caribbean and New Orleans).
The Dec. 7 meeting offers an opportunity for us to fully welcome Beau Morrow into our ranks. This personable and caring young man has worked diligently during the last 12 months, learning the posting lectures of all three degrees and demonstrating his proficiency with aplomb. It is so pleasing that he is eager to dive right in to active service of the lodge and I thank Mike Thornton for appointing him as senior steward. My thanks, also, to Ron Robbins who assisted in coaching while I was in England.
Lastly, I hope all members and their families have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I don’t need any presents this year because I already have one of the greatest gifts of my life — the fraternal friendship of members of Occident 48, which I treasure.
Br Patrick Webb Senior Warden

From The District Deputy

Greetings and Happy Holidays, Brethren! ‘Tis the season when most lodges (all in our district) hold their officer installations; and, for me, all the pomp and circumstance of wintertime Masonic lodge installations seem to go hand-in-hand with the old-time traditions of the holidays. Open installations in particular seem to conjure images of beloved Masonic brothers, their ladies, and guests in dressy winter attire – an opportunity perhaps for a traditional meal together in the lodge dining hall; and the warm holiday spirit of laughter, conversation, and togetherness. May such times never end.
During my own “Masonic lifetime,” I recall the winter holidays celebrated at the fabulous old Spokane Masonic Center, which had been dedicated in its day by Teddy
Roosevelt. Its rich décor and furnishings were unforgettable. Several lodges met regularly in its various lavish meeting rooms. (I was struck by the bygone novelty that under every seat was a wire frame in which to place one’s top hat during meetings.)
Each Christmas Day, the Lodge provided a bus for military personnel stationed in any of the several bases nearby to come to the Center where the hosting lodges provided breakfast, free movies, free phone calls worldwide, photos and cards to mail home at the Lodges’ expense, and a full Holiday Dinner with all the trimmings. These, of course, had been gestures dating back to the Second World War, but continued to be carried on for decades afterwards.
In mid-December the entire Masonic district operating together, District #27, held its annual Masonic Ball at the Center. It was a formal ball open to the public, and the proceeds went to the financing of the following year’s holiday events. The mayor and most of the city’s and county’s public officials would attend, along with the local television and radio personalities and newscasters. It had long been the wintertime event in old Spokane.
Anyway, these are some of the memories of which I am most fondly reminded by the yearly “season of installations.” With that, I’ll close the year by thanking you, brethren, for indulging these Masonic holiday reminiscences of mine; by congratulating the newly installed lodge officers of your lodge; and by wishing you, your families, and friends a happy and prosperous new year.
Doug Puckett
Deputy of the Grand Master for District #18

If you do not currently receive the Trestleboard by email and would like to, please send your request to Secretary – Br. Glenn Ripley - or myself Br. Ron Robbins – Sending by email saves the Lodge postage expense.

For the Good Of Masonry

Recently we discussed the proper attitude at prayer. Research has shown that there are two acceptable attitudes.
Both begin with the right hand, fingers together, placed over the left breast/heart. One form calls for the left hand placed over or slightly above the right elbow, not under as if supporting it. This method is sometimes referred to as the method by which the Good Shepherd would hold a lamb close to his heart.
The second method, the left arm crosses over the right and the left hand placed over the right breast. This method is called the sign of the Good Shepherd. In some jurisdictions this is also referred to as “The Lamb Carry”. This refers to the position the Good Shepherd would use to carry a lamb on his back, holding the front legs over his shoulders. (Source of attitudes is the Lodge Officers Handbook, extra commentary from various sources)

Free Lunch Raffle

Due to the generosity of a Brother Mason, $100 was donated to kick-off a promotion for our weekly get-togethers. Each month a name will be randomly drawn, and that member will receive a free lunch. All they need do is show up for one or our Wednesday luncheons and collect. The offer is good for one year so if you are a “Snow Bird” or are out of town for any number of reason you will have time to collect your prize.
December’s lucky Mason is Brother Oscar Edgar from Seal Rock Oregon. Congratulation Brother Edgar and hope to see you at lunch soon.

From the East


I am looking forward to the last meeting of 2017 and my first meeting in the East. First let me thank you brothers for putting your faith in me for the upcoming year. I would also like to thank the elected and appointed officers for the 2018 year. With your and the member’s support, I look forward to a fine Masonic year in the East.
Further, I would like to thank VWB Mike Carmel who’s weekly culinary skills continue to make our Wednesday lunch fellowship so meaningful. I hope to use those occasions to keep you informed of what is happening in the East.
This is a very exciting time for the Lodge with so many brothers working through the degrees. The list includes brothers Greg Davis, Mitchel Mortenson, Jared Mortenson, Marshall Shanks, James Cox and Ian Norelius. There will be lots of opportunities for everyone to participate in some of your degree work this next year and we will be scheduling rehearsals for all those who would like to participate.
Our December meeting will be very eventful as we have a lot of activities and housekeeping duties to perform. These include the fact that Brother Beau Morrow will be proving up on the 3rd degree and once he has proven up VWB

Walter Twidwell will install Br. Beau Marrow as Senior Stewart. Therefore, we will be opening on the 3rd and after Br. Beau has proven up we will call down to allow any of our visiting EA’s or FC’s to attend. Additional Lodge business will be to make committee appointments and talk about our agenda for 2018 and last but not least, it will be the official visit of our District Deputy VWB Doug Pickett who has a message for us from Grand Master MW Warren R. Schoeben.
December also gives us lots of opportunities to support the other lodges in our district and lodges across the river with their installations and stated meetings. We will discuss the calendar and have opportunities for ride sharing.
Mike Thornton Worshipful Master

Occident Lodge No. 48 F & A.M.
of the
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington