Around mid-summer of 2019 we realized that our lodge building needed some serious repairs and upgrades.  The most important repair was to the south wall.  Due to our location and exposure, the south and south west sides of the building were taking the brunt of our costal weather.  Driving rain, wind and time was was taking its toll our lodge building.

The Temple Board discussed the needs of the Lodge at length.  They came up with a “wish-list” of items to be repaired and/or replaced.  The next step was to prioritize them according to how severe the damage was and, of course the cost.

VWB Walt Twidwell saw our dilemma and graciously gave us funds enough to make many of the repairs.  Bids were sent out, received, modified, re-sent and so on.  Finally, in late October of 2019 repairs began.

We started on two fronts.  First, we had the south and west cedar siding removed and inspected for water damage.  We found some damage on the lower part of the walls including the “skirt board” which had to be replaced.  We had the damage repaired, Hydro Tek moisture barrier installed and the siding replaced with Hardie board lap siding.  The skirt board was replaced, and stainless-steel z-flashing was installed. 

Secondly, we were informed that the overhead powerlines supplying electricity to the building had to be replaced using underground service.  This meant that we had to drill under the street and install a new junction box in the ground which could service us and our neighbor to the south.

The PUD drilled under the street, moved all the lines and connected service to the new junction box.  Ford Electric of Long Beach took it from there and ran service to our building and to a new circuit breaker panel which was installed in the wall of our recently remodeled back porch.  Our old service was outdated and dangerous.

We found that replacing the siding on only one half of the building left it looking “incomplete”.  Therefore, we had the rest of the building siding replaced. 

Next, we received bids on a heat pump system for our lodge.  Summer meetings in the lodge were almost unbearable plus during winter meetings an even heat was hard to maintain.  There was no way to circulate the summer stuffy heated air out of the meeting room.  A heat pump was installed outside the building with two indoor wall consoles in the Lodge Room.  With the removal of our old base board heaters, this installation will cut our power bill substantially plus, we received a $4,000+ rebate from the PUD.

Efficiency did not stop there; next we had all the windows in the lodge replaced with double paned Milgard windows.  None of the windows had been opened for many, many years.  There was no way to get an air flow through the dining room and kitchen.  These new windows are not only more efficient than our old ones, they also “spruce-up” the place.

As you know, our stated meeting meals cost us $10 per person.  This helps offset the cost of the meals plus a little more for things that might be needed.  The Ladies who cook the meals got together and ask the Temple Board if they could replace the old linoleum in the kitchen.  The Temple Board agreed the Ladies had new flooring put in the kitchen.  Looks Great!

Recently we were informed that State funds have been made available to the Lodge for upgrading the restrooms to ADA standards and installing a fire escape exit near the Secretary’s desk.  This effort is the result of our Senior Warden WB Nick Michaud who filed the proper documents with Senator Takko’s office who in turn submitted our request to State Legislature for non-profit project funding.  Our project was approved.  Thanks Nick.

There were several individuals who worked on this project.  Brother Dwain Jarman took the bull by the horns and requested bids for most of the projects.  He coordinated all the projects including the peripheral contractors (electrical, plumbing etc.).  VWB Mike Carmel is working on new projects that need attention such as plumbing, dining room floor replacement and kitchen improvements.  WB’s Nick Michaud and Dick Rodlun were instrumental in helping with the planning and coordination of projects.  Many others helped which made this a great Masonic Team effort.

Our next step is painting the building.  A decision needs to be made as to the color or color combinations.  The Temple Association would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.  If you have an opinion, please go to the “Contact Us ” tab of this web site and send us an email with your ideas.

The Ilwaco Heritage Museum was looking for a home for their public address system.  The Museum had received a new PA system and wanted to donate the old one to an organization who could use a PA system.  We took it and set it up in the lodge room with the speakers facing the primary seating area.  Hopefully this will help some of the Brothers who may be hard of hearing.  It will certainly help with the annual Good Citizenship Awards program when the room is stuffed with family and friends.

There are more projects on the wish list.  The funds VWB Twidwell gave us has covered all the expenses to date.   We now need to reflect carefully on what can be accomplished with the remaining funds.  The plumbing is very old, and we have already had to replace some of it.  The kitchen needs upgrading, and the dining room floors need replacement.  It won’t be long before we will need a new commercial dish washer (sanitizer).  The storage shed in the back of the lodge is a disaster and needs a new floor at a minimum.  Rest assured that your Temple Association and other volunteers will sort it out, ask for bids and get us the best deal possible.




Dick Rodlun


Your Temple Board Hard At Work Improving The Lodge Building

Chuck Mikkola

​Board Member

New One of Two Heating and Cooling Units in Lodge Meeting Room

Mike Thornton


The Lodge Before New Siding

New Windows

Dwain Jarman


New Kitchen Floors

Nick Michaud


Mike Carmel


Occident Lodge No. 48 F & A.M.
of the
Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington

Patrick Webb


Jerry Brunner

Board Member

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The Lodge After New Siding.