Ilwaco Masonic Lodge No. 48 F&A.M.

Occident Lodge  No. 48 Ilwaco Washington


             COVID-19 UPDATE AS OF 30 September 2020

My Brothers, 

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed a lot of things in Masonry.  All of us are very anxious to get back in Lodge for our meetings, meals and fellowship.  Grand Master Chris Coffman has rightfully declared that there will be no meetings in the State of Washington until the Governor clears the entire State allowing regular meetings.

Leadership has a fear of cross-contamination.  Pacific County is in Phase 3 of Washington's Phased Approach for reopening the State. (see below)  22 of the 39 counties in the State are in both Phase 1 or 2. A County in District 18 is one of those areas in Phase 2.  If we in Pacific County open our doors for meetings, Masons from other Phase 1 or 2 Counties may want to attend and enjoy our wonderful meals and fellowship.  This opens us up to the possibility of spreading this disease in our area.

In the special interest of our aging membership and, all members, we need to be patient with our re-opening plans.  Sooner or later we will get back to normal however, it will be a "new normal".  Just what that new normal turns out to be is up to us.  We create our own future.


Phase 3

All activities in previous phases are allowed in addition to the following:

Recreation, sports and fitness: Outdoor group recreational sports activities (50 or fewer people), recreational facilities at less than 25 percent capacity (gyms, public pools, etc.).

Gatherings: Allow gatherings with no more than 10 people. 

Spiritual or religious services: Indoor capacity of 50% or 400 people (whichever is less). Choirs not allowed. Health requirements for social distancing and facial coverings will remain the same as the guidance for previous phases.

Travel: Resume non-essential travel

Business: Customer-facing government services where employees and customers can remain 6-feet apart (telework remains strongly encouraged), museums limited to 50% capacity, indoor movie theaters limited to 25% capacity and libraries allowed at full capacity.